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Retainers: Your Secret to a Lifetime of Radiant Smiles

The achievement of completing your orthodontic journey is an awe-inspiring moment, unveiling a dazzling smile that radiates confidence. But what happens next? How do you ensure your teeth stay put in their new perfect positions? Enter retainers—the unsung heroes of orthodontic treatment. Keep reading to…

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Recognizing and treating sleep apnea

Have you ever had your partner complain about the noises you make when you sleep such as frequent snoring, gasping, or choking sounds? Or maybe you find yourself waking up with a headache or…

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SIMKO Confidence Blog

A boost of confidence

Transform your smile (and your life) with orthodontic treatment Don’t judge a book by its cover. In a perfect world, everyone would adhere to this advice, and appearance would have no impact on…

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Girl smiling with braces

Are braces covered by your insurance?

“You need braces.” Whether you’re the parent of a child or teenager hearing this news from your orthodontist or an adult who’s finally made the (excellent) decision to correct your smile…

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Two women smiling one with mask on

Can a better smile impact your career?

A smile sounds like such a simple thing, but it’s amazing how much power it has. A smile can brighten your day. When in a room full of strangers, a smile can instantly help you feel at ease. And…

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The straight truth about crooked teeth

As a child, a grin with missing front teeth or a crooked smile only adds to our cute charm. Face it, we’re adorable! It isn’t until later in life, when we start feeling self-conscious about our…

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